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Preparing for Disasters with your Pets

The AVMA publishes a great collection of disaster preparedness and evacuation plans for pets.

Have a pet carrier for transportation and temporary housing. Be sure your pet’s carrier is large enough for your dog or cat to stay in comfortably for a few days. If you evacuate to a shelter, your pets will have to spend most of their time in their crates. Cat owners should also plan on creating temporary litter boxes. These can be simply put together with a small cardboard box, plastic bags for liners, and litter.

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National Pet Week

The AVMA celebrates National Pet Week during the 1st week of May.  Below are some responsible pet owner tips that they shared online:

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Pet Dental Disease

Has your vet mentioned that your dog or cat is in need of a dental cleaning? Have you noticed your pets suffering from bad breath or dark, discolored teeth? Before you dismiss the idea of dental care for your pets, consider this: many of the diseases of “old age” in dogs and cats can be traced back directly to chronic infections in the mouth, including heart valve disease, kidney failure, liver failure, and bone/joint disease. There are approximately one-trillion bacteria living in just one gram of tartar in your pet’s mouth.

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Heartworms in Texas

Heartworms are a parasitic worm transmitted by mosquitoes, about the size of a piece of spaghetti, that live in the right side of the heart and associated blood vessels. It takes only a single bite from a mosquito carrying the parasite to contract the disease. Dogs and cats respond differently to heartworm infection. Dogs frequently get large numbers of worms in their hearts that can literally choke off blood flow and generally lead to slow, progressive heart failure and lung lesions.

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Cats and Poisonous Plants

Cats will chew on plants. And, because they love to climb and explore, it is difficult to keep plants out of their reach. Therefore, if you are going to have plants in your house, or if you let your cat out in your yard, you need to be able to accurately identify the poisonous plants to which your cat will be exposed. When in doubt, however, it is best to remove the plant from your home.

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April showers not only bring May flowers, they bring dirty pets!

Schedule an appointment for preventative pet vaccines (not including bordetella) and well care between now and April 25, 2016 and receive a complimentary bath (dogs only) OR nail trim (dogs & cats).

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