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Bravo Dog and Cat Food Recall

Bravo of Manchester, CT is recalling select lots of Bravo Turkey and Chicken pet foods for dogs and cats because they could be contaminated with Salmonella.

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Rabbit Food

AAHA makes some simple suggestions for rabbit feeding:

Rabbits under six months:

  • can eat all the pellets and vegetables they want

Rabbits six months and older:

  • 1/8 to 1/4 cup of pellets per day per five pounds of body weight, and two cups of vegetables per six pounds of rabbit

All rabbits:

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How to find a Great Veterinarian in Frisco

Check out this great video about how to find a Veterinarian in Frisco!

[video width="640" height="360" mp4="/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/How-to-find-a-Great-Veterinarian-in-Frisco-Texas-Dr-Kent-Julius.mp4"][/video]

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Foods Toxic to Cats

September is National Food Safety Month. Just like people can’t eat everything they come across, cats can’t either. In fact, many human foods are toxic for cats. See the alphabetic list below for the foods you should avoid giving your cat.

Alcohol: Alcohol has the same effect on a cat’s brain and liver as it does to humans but it takes far less to see the effects. As little as a teaspoon can cause a coma in a cat and it can easily cause severe liver or brain damage. The higher the proof of alcohol, the worse the symptoms will be.

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Pet Food Safety

Many people in Frisco don’t realize that the basic principles of food safety apply to their pets’ foods too. For example, pet food or treats contaminated with Salmonella can cause infections in dogs and cats. And contaminated pet food that is not handled properly can cause serious illness in people too, especially children.

If you’re a pet owner, one of the most important things you can do to keep your pets, your family, and yourself safe from foodborne illness is to wash your hands:

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Pet Food Recall

Mars Petcare US has announced it is expanding last week’s voluntary recall of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food due to the possible presence of a foreign material. As reported here last week, the recall still affects 22 bags shipped to Dollar General across four U.S. states.

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Free Veterinary Exams for New Pets & New Clients

Legacy Veterinary Hospital has a new offer for new pets and new clients:

  • All New Clients: Receive a Complimentary Veterinary Exam (a $57 value) on your first visit
  • Existing Clients: Receive a Complimentary Veterinary Exam for a NEW pets first visit

Call to schedule an appointment today!

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A Touching Client Letter

We received a wonderful note from one of our clients and we asked them if we could share it online:

Doctors Julius, Traxler, Kelley, & Staff;

If you ever have days where you wonder if all the cat scratches, yelping dogs, poop, and dog hair (& throw in ungrateful customers) are worth it all, then please hear this:

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