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Know Your Pet’s Limits in the Cold

This is a great tip from the AVMA:

Just like people, pets’ cold tolerance can vary from pet to pet based on their coat, body fat stores, activity level, and health. Be aware of your pet’s tolerance for cold weather, and adjust accordingly. You will probably need to shorten your dog’s walks in very cold weather to protect you both from weather-associated health risks. Arthritic and elderly pets may have more difficulty walking on snow and ice and may be more prone to slipping and falling.

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Schedule Pet Play Dates

Dog-friendly canines benefit from play dates. Consider arranging play dates with your dog’s favorite friends, which can be done right in your backyard or at pet-friendly parks. Even when the weather outside isn’t the most inviting, dog parks can give your dog both off-leash exercise and interaction with other canines. Doggy daycares are another way to give your dog interaction while you’re away from home or when you just need a break.

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Pet Dental Care: Add Years to Your Pets Life

In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month (February), veterinarians everywhere are stressing to pet owners the importance of treating pet dental conditions. Without proper dental care, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats will show signs of oral disease by the age of three. In fact, oral disease is the number one problem diagnosed in dogs and cats. Dogs rarely show discomfort when they have dental problems and cats almost never show dental pain. Ever.

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Frisco Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming – This area is one the busiest areas in our Frisco veterinary hospital.  With views from the reception area you can watch the pets get their “spa” day and haircuts.  Don’t forget to ask about our bath packages, and “perfect pooch” packages.

Frisco dog grooming

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Happy New Year!

We want to wish all of our staff, clients, patients, partners, vendors, neighbors and friends a happy and healthy New Year! 2014 is going to be great!

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New Years Eve, Pets & Alcohol

Most people know not to give alcoholic drinks to their pets; however, alcohol poisoning in pets is more common than you think! This is because alcohol can be found in surprising places. Rum-soaked fruitcake or... often sorbets can result in alcohol poisoning. Also, try to avoid leaving unfished alcoholic drinks on coffee tables where a curious pet may want to try a taste.
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Frisco Veterinarian

We are your Frisco Veterinarian! We pride ourselves in offering the absolute best medical and surgical care for dogs, cats, and exotic pets.  At the same time we provide the best client service.  We want you be a partner with us in achieving the happiest, most comfortable, longest life possible for your pet.

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