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Our History

Our hospital was founded by Dr. Kent Julius in 2003. We opened in a 2,000 sq. ft. shopping center located at the corner of Lebanon and Legacy.   At that time we did not offer grooming and had very limited boarding.

Over the next five years we grew from 4 employees and one veterinarian to 11 employees and two full-time veterinarians. In the winter of 2008 we completed and moved into our current facility of 6,000 sq. ft.  

Since opening in 2003 our focus has remained on the best possible patient care and customer service.   We like to provide our patients and clients a high quality veterinary service in a friendly, unique, clean, and organized setting.

Dr. Kent Julius’ great grandpa Jake, his grandpa Dorwin, and great aunt Freda taken in 1928 on the “Julius Acres”. Dr. Julius’ dad current resides and operates the family farm on this property near Beecher City, IL.

Dr. Julius grew up in Southern Illinois in a town of 500. He had daily experience working with all kinds of pets, farm animals, and wildlife. Both of his grandfathers were farmers. His dad worked on the railroad and raised cattle and horses on his time off. 

"Marion Julius (Dr. Julius' Dad) and Vernon Julius (Dr. Julius' Grandpa) working on cattle in Xenia, IL in 1974."

Marion Julius (Dr. Julius' Dad) and Vernon Julius (Dr. Julius' Grandpa) working on cattle in Xenia, IL in 1974.

Dr. Julius decided he wanted to be a vet at 5 years old. He never saw himself doing anything else. In high school, he was told by his guidance counselor he should probably not pursue veterinary medicine because he would likely never get into vet school. Dr. Julius believed her…AT FIRST. 

He started college in general studies having no other idea what he was going to do with his life. After a year of general studies he called his hometown vet and asked what he would have to do to become a vet and if could do it. His hometown vet’s response was, “Kent, if you never try you are always going to wonder ‘what if I had only tried”. He called the vet school that day to find out what to do. His major was changed to pre-vet the next day. 

As a result of this experience Dr. Julius and Legacy Veterinary Hospital is heavily focused on helping kids that may want to become vets. Please call if you are interested him having him speak to schools, girl scout troops, etc. He would be happy to help. 

We have regular tours from various school groups that want to see behind-the-scenes and learn what life as a vet is like. We encourage volunteers to visit and help us make the live of pets and their families better. If you would like to volunteer or join one our internship programs please call. We do have an application process.