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Dr. Erin Kelley

veterinary hospital

Dr. Erin Kelley earned her bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Science at Texas A and M University in 2005, and her Veterinary Medicine degree from Texas A and M University in 2009. She graduated summa cum laude for both degrees. She worked for 4 years at a 24 hr, 7 day a week clinic in Frisco where she enjoyed emergency work, surgery, and the ability to help manage her patient’s health in wellness, sickness, and emergent situations. She was named clinician of the year in 2012. In 2013 she worked in a clinic in Allen where she expanded her dental care.

When Dr. Kelley has time away from work, she can be found hiking down a trail with her three rescue dogs-Rayne, Blake, and Cade. She also enjoys spending time riding, developing skills and reaching goals with her young rescue Clydesdale cross, Bella.

“I think I got involved with working with animals because when I was young, I had a neighbor, who was a businesswoman. She’d go out of town, and she’d let me take me care of her dogs. I went on so many adventures down this local river with those two dogs. They were like my best friends. They kept me safe from water moccasins, and from strangers, and things like that. It was just a really close friendship that I had with those two dogs.

I think that’s where my love for animals started. Then just the friendship that you can have with animals. I think it involved to being able to help other people with their friendships with their animals, and just became a very rewarding process of getting to help not only animals that can’t help themselves, but the humans that have the bonds with the animals that can’t help themselves. When you help an animal, you get to help the human too.

 The reason I chose to work at Legacy Veterinary Hospital is because it’s very organized and it has standards. We meet, as doctors, every week talking about how we’re going to make things better. Then there’s also the challenge among us doctors as far as to make each other better and to work as a team. I like that.

I also like that we get to teach people and help contribute to the techs and the receptionist life, and making them understand the veterinary world better.”