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Dr. Kent Julius

Owner and Founder
Dr. Kent Julius, owner and founder of Legacy Veterinary Hospital, received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Illinois in 1999. During veterinary school he worked as a research assistant grant program that involved trapping and releasing wildlife near swine farms to determine the spread of viruses. He also served as a research assistant in the U of I Toxicology Lab for three years. After graduation he worked for at the largest veterinary hospital in Carrollton. He then joined a three-doctor small animal hospital in Coppell for two years before opening Legacy Veterinary Hospital. He also served as a relief veterinarian at the Fort Worth Zoo for 3 years.

Dr. Julius is a Frisco resident and a member of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, Dallas County Veterinary Medical Association, Collin County Veterinary Medical Association, and the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. He completes more than double the required yearly continued education hours. His special interests include surgery and preventative medicine.

“When I grew up, we had all kinds of animals. We had dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and then we had wildlife that we would rehab. So I had all kinds of opportunities to take care of pets. I felt compassion for them when they couldn’t help themselves. It really made me want to figure out how could I make them better because they just provided so much happiness to me. Their simplicity, the way they think, the way these animals think, and just, “I always want to be happy, I want to play, and I want to have fun. And I want to love you.” That’s kind of their attitude and to me that, just as a kid, I thought I want to be able to help these things. I want to know how to help them, I want to know how to fix them, I want to know what’s wrong so I could make their lives better.