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24 Hour Pet Web-Cam at our Pet Boarding Facility

The luxury pet boarding area in our hospital is equipped with a flat screen TV, raised bed with pillow-top mattress, and web cam for 24-hour viewing of your pet while you are away. The luxury boarding includes a complimentary bath and five walks per day in our exercise yard. These rooms are so nice it is not a normal kennel experience.

We offer the most luxurious pet boarding in all of Frisco!

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Dogs and Ice Water

The story circulating social media, relating to dogs and ice water, seems to have everyone concerned about the safety of giving pets cold or iced water.  It was no doubt posted by a very well-meaning pet owner who lost a pet in an unfortunate series of circumstances, but here is what we do know:

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Dog Tick Checks

Perform tick checks after your dog has been outside. Even if you have not been away from home, your dog is still going outside in the yard. In endemic areas, tick checks must be done daily, within a few hours after being outside. The Ixodes tick that carries Lyme disease is never larger than the size of an eraser on a No. 2 pencil, even after feeding. Ticks are very small, making them very hard to find during a tick check, which is why tick checks are seldom 100 percent effective.

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Legacy Grooming

For Express Grooming Check-In at Legacy Veterinary Hospital's grooming center, complete this form prior to your grooming appointment. You will have no paperwork to fill out when you arrive.

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Frisco Dog Grooming

Frisco dog grooming

Good grooming will help your dog look and feel his best. Routine grooming sessions also allow you to examine your dog's coat, teeth, eyes, ears, and nails for signs of problems. How often you need to groom your dog depends on his size, breed, and type of coat.

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