Anti-Aging for Pets?

By Kent Julius, DVM

We all want to want to live a very long life and feel like we did when we were 25.  We also expect this for our furry family members.   Is it possible?  Yes! 

The #1 disease that shortens our pet’s lives is dental disease, AND dental disease is one of the most preventable diseases pets can get.  Dental disease in pets can be prevented in the same way it is prevented for us, with at-home dental care and routine thorough cleanings by professionals. 

How often do you look at your pet’s teeth?  The most likely answer is not often. 

Did you grow up with pets that never had anything done with their teeth?  Would had they lived longer or better life it something had been done?  Were they in pain?  Most likely yes, they were in pain for years. 

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