A Touching Client Letter

We received a wonderful note from one of our clients and we asked them if we could share it online:

Doctors Julius, Traxler, Kelley, & Staff;

If you ever have days where you wonder if all the cat scratches, yelping dogs, poop, and dog hair (& throw in ungrateful customers) are worth it all, then please hear this:

Chris and I have lived with and loved three beautiful Labradors in the past 12 years. All have been cared for at your clinic. We have always felt like our big boys were in good hands at Legacy Vet Hospital. We have appreciated the soft touch and friendly service with us and our animals.

We are very touched by the simple and powerful respect you have shown for our loss of Indi last week- your personal letter to us is a comfort to us. :) And, it is a testament to the consistency at Legacy that we also received these letters when Dr. Julius carefully put to sleep Wiley and Pudge, our two previous lover-boy labs.

And specifically, thank you to Dr. Kelley for your care and calmness last week when Indi quickly went downhill. Noelle, we are so sorry for your loss as well. Thank you for your care and love of Indi.

We appreciate you all! Thanks!

Chris and Leslie W.