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What is the rabies risk for my pet in Frisco?

What is the rabies risk for my pet?

Any animal bitten or scratched by either a wild, carnivorous mammal or a bat that is not available for testing should be regarded as having been exposed to rabies.

Unvaccinated dogs, cats, and ferrets exposed to a rabid animal should be euthanized immediately. If the owner is unwilling to have this done, the animal should be placed in strict isolation for 6 months and vaccinated 1 month before being released.

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Even Your Pet Needs to Eat Right

Even Your Pet Needs to Eat Right, By Alex Chang
Your dog may adore just about anything you are willing to share, and your kitty probably loves a lot of the same foods you do -- but is it good nutrition? Pet nutrition needs are not the same as ours, but many owners of pets are clueless about what they are exactly.

Some facts:
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Meet The Frisco Independent School District's Alex Chang!

alex chang Frisco Independent School District

Alex is a high school student who we are mentoring through the Frisco Independent School District ISM (independent mentorship program). He will be shadowing Dr. Julius at least once a week through May and he will have big presentation in May 16th based on his research.

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Snow Safety Tip for Dogs in Frisco

Avoid letting your dog off the leash on snow or ice, especially during a snowstorm, dogs can lose their scent and easily become lost. More dogs are lost during the winter than during any other season, so make sure yours always wears ID tags.

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Weather Announcement: Our Hours

Due to the inclement weather in and around Frisco, Legacy Veterinary Hospital will have reduced hours of operation this weekend:

Friday 12/6 – 8 AM to 4 PM

Saturday 12/7 – 9 AM to 12 Noon

Sunday 12/8 - Closed

We will open Monday with regular business hours. For emergencies, please contact Collin County EC at 214-547-9900

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Cold Weather Safety Tip For Pets

It's starting to get colder in Frisco! Don't leave dogs outdoors when the temperature drops. Most dogs, and all cats, are safer indoors, except when taken out for exercise. Regardless of the season, shorthaired, very young, or old dogs and all cats should never be left outside without supervision. Short-coated dogs may feel more comfortable wearing a sweater during walks.

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