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Wellness Plans

For most of us, pets are members of the family and play a wonderful and significant role in our
lives. Our goal as your veterinarian is to partner with you to ensure that your pets receive the
ongoing preventive care needed to stay happy and healthy for a very long time. And because
pets age 5-7 years for each human year, regularly scheduled preventive care is that much more
vital for identifying potential health issues as early as possible so that they can be treated
before becoming more serious.

This is the reason we have designed our wellness plans to provide the most comprehensive
preventive care your pets need at every stage of their life. Our plans include head-to-tail
examinations, vaccines and the proactive treatments and diagnostics that we recommend for
optimal health from the time they are a puppy or kitten through their adult and senior years.
Ultimately, our wellness plans are meant to provide peace of mind; first, because you can be
confident that you are providing the very best preventive medicine for your beloved pets, and
second, because you can spread the cost of care over 12 months. The ability to make small
automated monthly payments makes it easy to fit this care into your budget. Talk to one of our
team members to find out more!

Wellness plans are designed to provide optimal preventive care for dogs and cats of all ages. As
they grow from puppies and kittens to adults and then seniors, your pets’ healthcare needs
change, which is why a wellness plan is the very best gift you can give to your pet at any age.

Here are some preventive care basics:

Regular, frequent head-to-tail veterinary examinations mean that health issues and
abnormalities are detected early on and can be treated before they become more serious.

Pets, like people, need vaccinations against dangerous viral and bacterial infections. Purchasing
a wellness plan helps ensure that your pet receives regular vaccinations to protect against these
serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases.

Whether it is a fecal exam to check for parasites, or a blood profile to make sure that the
kidneys, liver and other organs are working normally, there are important tests that should be
completed every year to maintain your pet’s optimal wellness. As your pet gets older, more

preventive diagnostics are recommended, and our wellness plan are customized to specifically
reflect the type and quantity of diagnostics we recommend based on the age of your pet.

Oral Health
Oral health isn’t just about bad breath. In fact dental disease can lead to serious illnesses such
as infection and heart disease the longer it remains untreated. Not to mention, it can also be
extremely painful for your pet. Regular dental assessments and cleanings are an integral part of
providing optimal preventive care for your pet, which is why we have made it that much more
accessible by including it as part of our wellness plan program.

Nutrition and Exercise
Diet and exercise are just as important for pets as they are for people. Our goal is to partner
with you so that your pet receives optimal nutrition and maintains a healthy weight throughout
their life. An important part of a regular preventive care examination schedule includes
monitoring your pet’s weight to catch any changes early on when they are more manageable.

When pets have behavior issues it can destroy the relationship they have with their human
family. Our goal is to get to the root of these issues, determine the cause, and provide positive
intervention before they become unmanageable. From house and litter box training to age-
related behavioral changes, we help you get to the root of the problem and provide the advice
and treatment needed to ensure that you and your pet remain the best of friends.


Is a wellness plan the same as insurance?
No. A wellness plan provides the proactive and preventive care needed to keep pets healthy
and prevent and/or detect disease earlier rather than later. Pet insurance offers coverage for
the costs associated with unforeseen circumstances such as illness and injury.
How do wellness plans work?
A wellness plan is an annual package of services that includes the optimal preventive health
care that pets needs to stay happy and healthy. Based on examination, age, and any other
relevant factors, we will recommend the plan that best meets the preventive care needs of
your pet.

Does my pet need a wellness plan?
Absolutely. From the time your pet is a puppy or kitten to his or her most senior years,
providing your pet with annual preventive healthcare is the very best gift you can give them.
Keeping your pet on a wellness plan helps prevent diseases, and because our plans include two
annual preventive care exams and diagnostic testing, if your pet does get sick it will be detected
early on, which results in faster, more effective treatment.

How do I pay for my pet’s wellness plan?
Our goal is not only to make our plans affordable, but to make them budget friendly by
spreading the cost of care into monthly payments that are electronically debited from the
account of your choice. Of course, you always have the option to pay in full, or to pay off your
balance at any time.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?
A benefit of a wellness plan is that services are provided and budgeted under an annual
agreement. You may cancel your agreement at any time. However, services may have been
performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation, you are responsible for the
remaining payments on the plan, or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the
plan minus payments made (whichever is less).